We can’t wait for Secret Life of the American Teenager to come back into our Ricky-less lives, but we’re worried — will the second half of the season live up to the sausage fest that was the first half? The Secret Life writers giveth and then they taketh away, and we’re worried that some of our favorite couples will be ripped apart at the sexy seams in 2012!

Check out our list of 7 things we don’t want to happen next season. Your job? Sound off on our Secret Life Facebook page and add to the list!

1. We don’t want Ricky and Amy to Break Up! We have a lot riding on Ricky and Amy’s relationship. Namely — our sanity. Who knows what fans will do if these renties break up before their off-white wedding, but we have a feeling girls will dress up in their best prosthetic bellies and riot in the streets. The horror!

2. We don’t want Adrian and Ricky to hook up! The only way Ricky and Amy will break up is if Adrian decides to put on her pink velour jumpsuit and go crazy again. Sure, she’s over Ricky for now, but will she change her mind next time he “kisses her for practice"?

3. We don’t want Adrian to get pregnant again! Everyone knows ladies go bat-crazy when they’re preggo, but Adrian’s raging hormones are still lurking in her hot bod. Maybe it was the disgusting combo of churros and pickles that altered her mind, but girlfriend was seriously certifiable. Watching someone put on lip gloss has never been more terrifying.

4. We don’t want Ben and Alice to hook up! Alice, Ben and Henry have been besties since they were kids, but now that Alice and Henry are dunzo, that’s all over. We’re crossing our fingers that Ben won’t hook up with Alice, because then there will be no chance of repairing their friendship! Keep your sausage to yourself, Ben.

5. We don’t want Jack to give his STI to Grace! The Secret Life writers seem to have forgotten that they devoted an entire episode on Jack and his mysterious STI. As far as we know this dude is walking around with all kinds of diseases, and to make matters worse, Grace doesn’t seem to remember. Luckily, she went to “Med Camp,” so she can probably just write herself a prescription and clear that sitch up.

6. We really don’t want Ricky to leave for college! Ricky’s going to the community college down the street, but will a campus full of experimental ladies change him for the worse? Hopefully, he won’t end up in some drunken orgy. Oh wait, that already happened at Grant High graduation.

7. We don’t want to hear another graduation speech. You guys, we’re worried. Only half of the Grant High crew graduated from school, which means we’re going to have to sit through another graduation sometime next year. Better stock up on tissues.