Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky Underwood in Episode 3.16, "Mirrors"

We love Secret Life as much as the next Daren Kagasoff stalker, but sometimes we pause our TiVo and are all, "WTF?! Did that actually happen?" We’ve rounded up Monday night’s “what were they thinking?” moments. Did these leave you confuzzled, too?

1. Ricky’s breakfast spread. It’s just a typical morning at Ricky’s bachelor pad, full of pancakes, fruit spreads, cereal, and orange juice! Is he running his own B&B up in this joint? We all know how much Ricky loves to decorate, so maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised. Ricky just got up early, hand-picked some fruit, and put on a frilly apron. So what?

2. Amy and George’s sex convo. How many more times are we going to have to suffer through Amy telling her dad the intimate deets of her sex life? She was literally planning whose couch they were going to soil. George is going to be having sex dreams of the worst kind later.

3. Ben and Adrian’s engagement. Last we checked it’s still completely illegal for a pair of teens to get hitched. Ben and Amy learn that the hard way at their faker-than-Snooki’s-tan wedding. The Secret Life writers must have forgotten that hot mess ever happened, but we didn’t!

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Anne Juergens in Episode 3.16, "Mirrors"

4. Anne’s absent parenting. So in Secret Life land it’s been — what — a month since Anne’s seen her kids? Doesn’t she miss them?! And who’s taking care of baby Robbie? Ash and Amy were super bummed to cancel their weekend trip to see their mom, but it got us thinking: Couldn’t she just come back from wherever the heck she is to visit them?

5. Margaret’s intimate knowledge of Nora’s love life. Apparently, Margaret “hears things.” We don’t know if she’s telepathic or just cray-cray, but she got that info about Ricky’s mom being a lesbian somewhere, and we’re gonna go ahead and assume it’s because she’s can read minds. 

6. Ashley’s ecosystem project. Oh, Ash. We always assumed you were kinda smart. How wrong we were. If Ashley gets a D- on that assignment, she should consider herself lucky. A 5-year-old could have made a prettier chart. And where did she get all those candid photos from, the ABC Family website?

7. Baby John. Seriously, do Ricky and Amy give this kid sedatives? Baby John doesn’t say a word and he’s almost 3! The Secret Life writers better get their act together with some adorbz dialogue before we start thinking something’s up with this little tyke.

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