Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel Photo: The Juergen Sisters in Season 3, Episode 18: "Another Proposal"

Do you love Secret Life unconditionally? So do we! But sometimes we scratch out heads and go: “What the whaaaa?” If you ended this eppy filled with Secret Life joy, but also some mild confusion about certain teens and their bulging bellies, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the biggest WTF moments from last night’s amazeballs episode.

1. Will Ricky cheat? When Nora asks Ricky if he’s planning to cheat on Amy, he gives her a  familiar look. Uh oh. It’s the face that Ricky makes when he’s ready to take virginities! We know this bachelor doesn’t want to get hitched, but he wouldn’t really cheat on Amy just to scare her off, right? C’mon, he’s not that bad of a guy!

2. Is George a hound dog? Apparently George makes it a habit to walk into a room, see a pretty lady and declare, “You’re hot.” Doesn’t this creepers behavior seem a little out of place for him? Oh well, we’ll go with it.

3. Does Adrian have the artistic skills of a 5-year-old? First Ashley, now Adrian — who will fall victim to the horrors of glitter and glue-sticks next? We thought Adrian would be too busy peeing every five minutes to be crafting! That little seating project of hers is almost as good as Ash’s biology chart. And by good we mean bad.

4. Is Grant a creepy stalker? So Grace and Adrian are busy planning the wedding, and Grant is... lurking behind the door spying on them. Yup, it’s all kinds of sketchy. We always thought Grant was pretty normal, so why is he sneaking around like some perv? Whatever, Grace still wants to do him, and that’s all that matters!

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel Photo: Ricky Deep in Thought in Season 3, Episode 18: "Another Proposal"

5. Does Ricky have narcolepsy? If you’ve ever wondered what Ricky does in his free time, you have your answer — he just snoozes all day! Guess he has to sleep off all that love-making and hair coiffing. But let’s get real: It would be a little more believable if Amy walked in on her man organizing his collection of white t-shirts or waxing his chest.  

6. Is Ben trapped in a closet? Has anyone checked out Ben’s bedroom lately? Usually, we’re too busy watching this nerd make out with over-sized teddy bears and Italian girls on his bed to notice his digs, but during this episode we realized something: His bedroom is tiny! Like Harry Potter’s closet tiny. He’s never gonna get laid in a twin bed — Adrian and her baby bump won’t fit!

7. Does Ash have a bubble wrap fetish? Did you notice that when Amy, Ash, and Anne were having their bonding-sesh at Anne’s pad, Ash was clutching a sheet of bubble wrap the whole time? Like, for no reason whatsoever. We don’t even know what to say, except: mega WTF moment!

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