Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel, Frazer Harrison/Staff Photo: Is Bow Wow The Baby Daddy on Secret Life?

Hottie alert, Secret Lifers! In case you hadn’t heard, a certain former pre-teen rapper is making an appearance in tonight’s all new Secret Life of the American Teenager, and he’s going to cause all kinds of drama! Give a big Secret Life welcome to Lil’ Bow Wow!

Grace is eager to help Adrian get over her inappropriate lust for Ricky, so she sets her bestie up with Daniel’s upstairs roommate, payed by B to the Wow Wow! Of course, Adrian agrees to go on a date (the lady wants some lovin’), but only because she wants to make Ricky jealous.

Oh, and apparently B-Wizzle is a major player, so hopefully we’ll see some shirtless action. Bow Chicka Wow Wow!