Credit: ABC Family Photo: Amy & Ricky Talk in the Hallway in Episode 4.10, "4-1-1"

Ricky and Amy’s fight in The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode 4.10 “4-1-1” was their worst yet. But you know what always cures the near-breakup blues? No, not make-up sex — matching finger tattoos!

Even better? Matching wedding band finger tats. Picture this: You can pretend to get married without actually getting married, and if you end up splitting up, all you will have lost is an hour of your life in a tattoo parlour! (And your dignity.)

Hmmm, maybe this isn’t a good idea after all.

We could hardly believe our ears when Amy suggested that she and Ricky ink-up their ring fingers! Do you think Ramy went through with it, or did they just go home and make sweet sausage love instead?