Credit: ABC Family

Look, we love Ben as much as the next sausage addict, but there's no denying that his behavior is getting out of control. It's one thing to look past all the teen marriages and strange music-less parties, but now he has (maybe) burned down an entire school. We're just not sure we can get on board that gravy train.

Ben has lied to everyone about his involvement in the fire, and he needs to face the consequences of his actions. We're pretty sure he's still under 18, which means he'll probably just have to serve a year or two in juvie if he's found guilty of arson.

Hey, Benny might even get off with community service! Lord knows he'll meet a nice lady jailbird who he can marry next season.

We're convinced that Ben needs to fess up to his crimes (including his fashion crimes), but does he deserve time in juvie?