Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky & Amy Hang at the Driving Range in Episode 3.21, "Young at Heart"

Oh, snap! Last night’s episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager was crizazy! Nothing’s hotter than Ricky angrily throwing golf balls into the middle of a field. Sexiest way to blow of steam ever! So what was this bro all pissed about? Read Wetpaint’s drama-filled recap to find out!

Miss Independent

Wow, is Amy totally wearing the pants in her relationship lately or what?! Ricky’s itching to put his player ways behind him and play house with his baby mama. He’s anxious about Amy’s hesitancy to move in, so he calls her all, “Why have you been ignoring meeeeee?” If this dude doesn’t check his neediness at the front door, he’s going to turn into a total house hubby.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky Gets Up Close & Personal With Amy in Episode 3.21, "Young at Heart"

Seriously, Ricky is so sex-deprived it looks like he’s going to explode. His hair coif is about to go spinning back to whatever planet it came from — that’s how worked up he is. Thankfully, he has the perf way to blow off steam — the driving range! He meets up with Jack and Tom, and the three of them chat about sex (duh). Ricky’s none too happy to find out that Ben and Adrian are doing the deed. Uh oh. Watch out Amy, your man needs lady luvin’ and he needs it now!

Enter Karlee, one of Ricky’s many former flings (and Toby’s step-sister). She shows up at the Juergens’ to supervise Toby and Ashley on their first date, but really she just wants what all girls want: to do Ricky. We have to admit, we’ve been a little worried about Ricky cheating on Ames, but the way he rejects Karlee’s advances sends a clear message: this stud is off the market!

I’m Too Sexy For My Baby Bump

Adrian brings Grace wedding dress shopping with her and while she tries on dresses that are a) fugly and b) don’t fit her ginormous belly, they gab about all the amazeballs sex that Adrian’s having with Ben. We always had Ben pegged as a total dud in the bedroom, but c’mon — he’s the Sausage Prince! It would just be unfair if he sucked at hanky panky with a name like that.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Adrian & Grace Go Dress Shopping in Episode 3.21, "Young at Heart"

Apparently Ben is “crazy” in bed — like best sex of Adrian’s life crazy! In fact, she’s so blown away by Ben’s nasty skillz that she thinks it’s a gift from the man upstairs, and she wants to get married in a church to show her thanks! Wow, God is so going to be less than thrilled.

Meanwhile, Ben is still on a major sex high. We’ve never seen this boy look so happy! It might have something to do with the fact that he and Adrian have a wet n’ wild shower liaison planned, or maybe it’s the huge amount of cashola that he’s going to inherit when Leo kicks the bucket.

The sausage king wants Ben to get a prenup, but who cares? If the great sex keeps up, Ben and Adrian will never get divorced!

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To

Things are still a little awkward between Amy and Adrian, and Grace is determined to fix their friendship. She suggests that Amy and she throw Adrian a baby shower, because what girl doesn’t want her fiance’s ex-wife to plan her party? Good going Grace, way to be a party fail. Adrian stops by Amy’s a few times to ask about the party and chat about Adrian’s crazy sex with Ben. Is it just us or do we see a little jelly on Amy’s pretty face?

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Grace & Grant Share a Smile on Episode 3.21, "Young at Heart"

Things might be going well for Badrian, but Grace is having a few relationship probs. She and Jack have a run in and he reminds her about how great they were as a couple. Their sex was so awesome that she thought it killed her dad! Sigh, these two need to get back together — though we do kinda like Grant.

Speaking of, he and Grace make up after their off-screen fight and she finally gets a chance to meet his dad... who’s 80. Which means he was 63 when he banged Grant’s mom — who’s a total babe, btw. Hopefully that virility is genetic! Grant, Grace and pops have a impromptu dance party in Grace’s living room which is one part adorable and five parts WTF. Oh, Secret Life. You always know how to please!

We can’t wait to see what happens during next week’s all new Secret Life episode! Do you think Amy and Ricky will finally bump n’ grind?