Credit: Getty Images/Facebook Photo: Renee Olstead as Blonde and Redhead

We have a legit girl crush on Secret Life of the American Teenager starlet Renee Olstead.

She's so quirky and fun, and we love her red hair! Sigh, girl is totally channeling Lindsay Lohan circa Mean Girls.

Or at least she used to be. Now, Renee's channeling LiLo circa right now, complete with the boob-length blond hair, pouty lips and cleave-tastic outfits. Fantastic makeover alert!

Renee has definitely upped the sex factor in her personal style, and while she looks drop-dead gorgeous, we're not sure how we feel about her hair.

Blondes have more fun, but some women pay serious money for beautiful red locks like Renee's!

Should she go back to her sun-kissed strawberry hair, or does she look better with a cascading mane of blonde tresses?