Credit: ABC Family Photo: Adrian's Angry In The Bathroom in Episode 4.07, "Cute"

Things were the same as usual this week on Secret Life of the American Teenager. You know, crazy emotional with a hefty dose of drama. Relive the sexy memories with Wetpaint Entertainment’s off-the-hook recap!

Red, Red Wine

Grace is worried about Adrian’s evil plan to get pregnant again, so she tells Ben to stay out of his wife’s pants. Ben interprets this to mean that Adrian’s dating other guys, and even though they’re “just (married) friends,” Ben has a mad case of jealousy. To make matters worse, everyone at school thinks he’s a drunken slob. Which leads us to ....

Hide your kids, hide your wife, it’s time for a Ben + Nora rendezbooze! Nora’s determined to put a stop to Ben’s drinking, so they meet for dinner and talk about their mutual love of Four Loko and their fear of commitment. Nora’s ex-girlfriend, Ollie, briefly interrupts their conversation and tries to get back together with Nora, which gives Ben a chance to chat with Ruben (Ollie’s platonic date) about trouble in paradise with Adrian.

Once Ollie and Ruben peace out, a bottle of wine is mistakenly delivered to Ben and Nora’s table, and Nora chugs it to “teach Ben a lesson.” The next morning, she wakes to find herself passed out at Leo’s house with a major hangover. Way to take care of a gal, Benny. Poor Nora feels terrible about having a drink (read: an entire bottle of wine) after two years of sobriety, and it looks like she might lose her job on top of everything else.

Toga, Toga!

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Daniel & Grace Get Closer in Episode 4.07, "Cute"

Grace is pissed at Daniel for leaving her alone in a car for hours, but she’s more than ready to forgive him when he invites her over to his apartment. She changes into a more adult outfit (a bright pink top, duh) and heads over to Daniel’s pad so they can get their mack on. Too bad their hang and bang session gets interrupted by Daniel’s sexy neighbors, who want him to go to a protest with them. Oh, college. Poor Cookie feels out of place because she’s underage and has a curfew. Does she really have what it takes to date a college guy?

Over in Grace’s guest house, Rachel and Tom decide to break up because Rachel’s crushing on Tom’s boss, Milton — and apparently Tom’s OK with it! He even wants to invite Milton over for a play date with Rachel’s kids. Weren’t Rachel and Tom in love, like, five minutes ago? Has Rachel been using him this entire time?

Meanwhile, in the sunshine state, an embittered Ashley struggles to keep a job and refuses to turn her frown upside down. You’d think George or Anne would go check up on her, but apparently they’re too busy “not having sex” in Anne’s condo.

Mean Girls

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky's On The Hunt in Episode 4.07, "Cute"

Ricky’s sick to death of drama, so rather than fight the charges that he allegedly tried to bang Karlee, he opts to quit the application process to community college all together — which means if he goes to school at all, it will be far away in a place known as The University of Hot Experimental Girls.  

Amy’s furious that Ricky didn’t get into school because of Karlee, and she can’t help but meddle. We have a feeling Ames just wants her baby daddy to get into the neighborhood community college so she can keep an eye on him, and with girls like Karlee roaming around, it’s not a bad idea!

Amy pays a visit to Counselor Katelyn’s office in the hopes of getting the low down the Ricky and Karlee sitch, but Katelyn refuses to clue her in without the Rickster’s permission. Looks like Amy’s going to have to take matters into her own freshly manicured hands! She drags baby John down to the community college and publicly chews Karlee out about destroying Ricky’s life. Count it, biatch!

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Amy Gets Some News in Episode 4.07, "Cute"

When Amy tells Ricky that she confronted Karlee, he storms out of the house in a huff, giving Amy the perfect opportunity to call up Toby (Karlee’s bro), who tells Amy that Karlee has “issues” and is basically a sex addict. In other words, she’s the female version of Ricky.

Amy refuses to put down her dukes — even though Karlee’s threatening to get a restraining order against her, and Ricky’s more than a little pissed about his gal’s meddling ways! Luckily, everyone at the community college knows Karlee’s crazy, and she gets fired. Good riddance! Oh, and it looks like Ricky’s staying in Secret Life land for years to come, because he gets an official admissions offer! Congrats, boyfriend!

Tun in next week to another must-see Secret Life special event: Senior Prom!