Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky's Ready For His College Interview in Episode 4.06, "Don't Go In There"

Last week, on Secret Life of the American Teenager, Ben was a total a-hole and our girl Adrian just stood there and took it before deciding to play a real-life whack-a-mole in Mercy’s nursery. Judging by this promo it looks like Ricky may soon be in the doghouse as well. Is he really going to sleep with an ex-flame? Get it together, Rickster.

Credit: YouTube Photo: New Secret Life Season 4, Episode 6: "Don't Go In There" Promo!

Leave it to Ben to experience his first hangover while cuddling his drinking buddy, Mr. Bear. Luckily, an angry Leo is on hand to whip his sauce-loving spawn into shape. Watch as Ben soberly wishes that the last three years were a dream. We guess that’s one way to apologize.

Credit: Hulu Photo: Ben's Got a Hangover! Sneak Peek of Secret Life Season 4, Episode 6:

Meanwhile, upon learning that Ben moved out of the condo he once shared with Adrian, Grace finds herself defending her relationship with Daniel from the dreaded “Rule of Three.” We don’t think Grace has to worry about the end of her relationship with Daniel just yet, but she should beware of Ricky, who supposedly decides to play a prank on her!

Credit: Hulu Photo: Will Grace Break Up With Daniel? Sneak Peek of Secret Life Season 4, Episode 6:

Speaking of Ricky, it looks like he’s got an important day ahead of him. Watch as Amy wakes her man up for his interview at a local college. Weirdness alert: Will Kathleen be joining him? We can’t be sure of that, but you won’t want to miss the end of this clip as Ricky professes his love for Amy. Aww!

Credit: Hulu Photo: Amy & Ricky Talk College! Sneak Peek of Secret Life Season 4, Episode 6:

Be sure to tune in and catch Season 4, Episode 6: "Don’t Go in There" on Monday, July 18 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.