Credit: MTV Photo: Teen Mom 3.07: Farrah and Sophia

Remember when Farrah got Baby Sophia that adorable puppy? Well, Farrah giveth and Farrah taketh away.

During last week’s Teen Mom, Farrah pawned Sophia’s dog off to some random old lady living down the street, but she claims it was for the best.

She tells Momfinds, “I had to give Kandi away because I didn’t love the puppy and Sophia wasn’t playing with her much anymore. I didn’t want Kandi to suffer because Sophia and I weren’t bonding with her. My neighbor you saw in the episode truly loved Kandi and I saw that they had a wonderful bond. I knew she would have a better home there. By no means do I regret giving Kandi to my neighbor — I see them all the time playing and Kandi is happy there. And Sophia still sees Kandi. I just had to make a choice and I chose the right home.”

Let’s just hope Farrah’s neighbor knows how to change doggie diapers.

Source: Momfinds