Credit: ABC Family Photo: Grace Returns Home in Episode 4.03, "When Opportunity Knocks"

Word up, Secret Lifers! If you missed out on the dramaliscious fun that was last night’s all new Secret Life of the Amerian Teenager episode, don’t sweat it. You can get all caught up with Wetpaint’s recap — but don’t say we didn’t warn you if you can’t eat another cookie after reading this. Let’s just say Grace is on our biatch list.

It Takes Two, Baby!

It’s double trouble at the butcher shop when Ricky’s two mommies stop by to chew him and Amy out for not telling them about their shack-up. Ricky basically gives his moms a big old eff-you, but Amy just wants everyone to get along! She stops by Margaret’s house to make amends, and after an awkward conversation about meat sauce (of course), everyone comes to terms with Ricky and Amy’s new living situation.

Unfortch, we can’t say the same for George, who is still not pleased about his daughter’s new digs. Ricky stops by to invite George over to dinner (what’s on the menu? Meat sauce. Again.), and after a sparring match about teenage pregnancy, George accuses Ricky of being a Buddhist Communist. Amazing.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: George Talks To Ricky in Episode 4.03, "When Opportunity Knocks"

Back at the butcher shop, Nora and Margaret girl-talk about Ricky and Amy’s future. Nora seems to think Ricky’s going to cheat on Amy at any moment, but she might be projecting her own relationship probs. You see, Nora just broke up with her girlfriend after getting cold feet about their upcoming lady nuptials, and she thinks Ricky will do the same thing to Amy. Don’t follow in mama’s footsteps, Ricky!

In other butcher shop-related dramz, Leo is a total wreck over Camille. He shows up at Grant High to get Ben’s advice, and runs into school counselor Katelyn O’Malley, who tells him that Ben seems agitated. Uh oh, first Adrian, and now Benny? Is the Sausage Prince about to lose his shiz? Leo tells Katelyn that Ben’s been going to therapy, but judging from the boy’s limp hair coif, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Leo kicks Katelyn out of her office (Oh, mob bosses) and tries to bond with Ben about lady problems, but Ben is just all, “Ugh, dad you are SO embarrassing.” Poor Leo just wants some advice and since Ben is no help at all, he shows up at Cam’s house and they have an awkward conversation about their feelings. Why can’t these two just have a hot middle-aged hookup already? Oh wait, THEY DO. Well, it’s less of a hookup, and more of an emotional kiss, but we still blushed.

Love Shack!

Over at Grant High, Grant is bumming because Grace has rejected him to hang out with Adrian, who — by the way — is just as depressed and frumpy as ever. Guess that beauty advice Betty gave her last week didn’t do the trick. Grace doesn’t seem all that excited about seeing Grant, but maybe she’s just embarrassed by her insane tan. Girlfriend looks like Snookie.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Adrian Doesn't Look Amused With Grace in Episode 4.03, "When Opportunity Knocks"

Apparently Africa is THE place to cheat on your boyfriend, because Grace spent her entire “medical mission” making out with a handsome stranger named Daniel. Wait, whaaaaa? Yes, that’s right, Grace sexed some rando hunk while she was on vaycay, and she acts like it’s the greatest thing in the world. Um, Grace? Remember that Justin Bieber look-alike who’s in love with you?

When Grace gets back to her house, she tells her mom about jumping Daniel’s bones and declares that she’s in love with him. Jack joins in the convo and gets all judgemental up in Grace’s grill, so she kisses him just to prove that he’s also capable of cheating. Meanwhile, Madison flips out about Jack being at dinner with Grace, so she calls his parents in Arizona and tells them to move back to California. We’ll see how that works out.

Back at the Bowmans’, Grace passes out on the couch and wakes up to find all the guys she’s slept with watching her snore. Awkward! She and Grant finally talk and she promptly breaks up with him. The weird thing? He doesn’t really seem to care. Once again, these two were in love literally a few days ago. What is happening?!

Adrian’s Bringing Sexy Back!

Ben and Ricky get in some bromancing time while pounding meat at the butcher shop, and Ben flips out about how he wants to end his marriage with Adrian. Cool it, dude! There’s no stopping an angry Sausage Prince, and Ben’s so desperate to get out of his relationship that he even tries to get Ricky to break up with Adrian for him!  

When Ben finally brings himself to go home, he finds Adrian a totally changed woman. First of all, she’s managed to take a shower. She’s also shoved herself into a push up bra and slipped on a sexy pink slip. Va va voom! Ben tries to break up with Adrian, but she beats him to the punch and asks him for just one more chance. We’re so moved by Adrian’s display of affection that we’d seriously marry her right now if she’d take us, but Ben isn’t as impressed. He flat out rejects his wifey — that is until she shoves her tongue down his throat.

Nothing fixes a relationship like some good old fashioned make-up sex! Looks like Ben and Adrian are back together, but how long will it last? Tune in next week to find out!