Credit: ABC Family

Another day, another roundup of WTF-worthy Secret Life quotes. These bad boys just get better and better, but this week's doozies pack an especially big punch –– mostly because they're about nymphomania and gay tennis players.

Check out our roundup of the top five quotes from Season 4, Episode 24: "Love Is Love!"

1. George's outstanding parenting skills blow our minds: "I don’t know where Ashley is."

What else is new, right guys?

2. Grace le sighs: "All I know is that I kissed a girl, and now I'm gay."

Um, those aren't the lyrics, Grace.

3. Adrian's mom drops a truth bomb: "Not all women who play tennis are gay."

 Wait, what?!?

4. Ashley chats about Anne's sex life: "At that age, what difference does it make? I mean, what kind of sex is she having? She's in her forties."

 Honestly, there's no point in doing the dirty once you're over 30.

5. Alice comforts Ben: "Anyone who burned down a school would panic, and run to his best friend and have sex."


 Yeah, pyromania usually goes hand in hand with nymphomania.