Credit: ABC Family

This week's episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager was jam-packed with conversations about raw meat and the occasional lol-fest about the horrors of pot.

Take a look back on the best of the best — and watch out, you might have a sudden urge to eat breakfast sausage after reading this.

1. Amy tries to cut Ricky off: "We can't just eat meat all the time."

Ricky: "We can if we want."

A vegan diet is Ricky's kryptonite.

2. Leo threatens Ben: "Access this girl Dylan again, and I'll access your ass."

We're horrified by Leo's parenting techniques.

3. Adrian disses Grace: "All she can make are cookies."

Feel the burn, Grace.

4. Tom walks in on Jack writhing around Grace's bed: "What are you doing in here, pervert?"

Our thoughts exactly, Tom.

5. Ricky dishes out some wisdom: "Do not have sex at school or on school property, and if you do have sex off school property, do not have sex in a parked car or a public place."

What would we do without him?