Credit: ABC Family

This week's episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager was chock full o' musings about brisket, lectures about pot, and — of course — tons of sex. We've rounded up the best quotes from episode 16, and your job is to bask in the glory of Ricky's words of wisdom.

5. Ben complains about summer school: "It's a complete waste of time."

Ricky: "Is it? Or are you just totally wasted?"

We love it when the Rickster works his funny bone.

4. Amy gives her dad the lowdown on Gack: "Jack's obsessed with Grace."

Yeah, we got that impression when we saw him writhing all over her bed last week.

3. Madison dads teaches us a valuable lesson: "You can live without sex, but you can't live without food."

Unless you're like Ricky and sex is the only nourishment you need.  

2. Nora reflects on the past: "You don't remember the night you father had me stand against the dining room wall while he threw knives at me?"

Wow, good times.

1. Amy thinks back on past family dinners: "Nobody wanted to eat with Ashley."

And people wonder why this girl keeps running away from home.