Credit: ABC Family

This week's episode of Secret Life was packed to the sausagey brim with quotes about S-E-X, periods, and (duh!) meat.

We've rounded up the best doozies from Episode 17 for you to look back on. File this one under "You're Welcome!"

5. Ricky chats up Amy: "You getting your period or something?"

Is that a rhetorical question?

4. George gets to the point: "I would rather have a big, fat steak for dinner with the bad news instead of a hot dog."

Why are we not surprised?

3. Dylan's dad grills Ben: "You’re not entirely harmless unless you’ve been neutered."

Annnnd, that's where he lost us.

2. Jack rejects Grace's condoms: "I prefer to use my own brand and not someone else’s."

Guess we know why he's the one with the mystery STI.

1. Adrian gives her boyfriend a life-lesson: "It’s really all about the sex."

Unless you're Ben, in which case it's all about marrying as many women as possible before the age of 18.