Credit: ABC Family

Talk about a heat wave! The temperatures reached an all new high this week on Secret Life of the American Teenager, and you know what that means.

The quotes were even more jaw-dropping, WTF-worthy and hilarious than usual. Check out the best doozies from Episode 18 — and try not to be too traumatized by Henry's newest fetish.

1. Ben speaks to his peers: "Let’s face it. We’re all idiots."

Except for Ricky. He's a personal muse and mentor for thousands of fan girls.

2. Betty encourages Nora to enroll in college: "Think about going back to school. Obama wants you to!"

Nora's education is top priority for Obama, obvi.

3. Jack comforts Grace: "Your dad would be more of a philanderer than a pervert."

Why isn't she dating him again?

4. Henry hangs with Madison: "Sweat kind of turns me on. I like sweat. I like hot ... sweaty ... dirty friendships."

Annnnd, there goes lunch.

5. Madison tries to bond with Henry: "Tell me something about yourself that has nothing to do with sex. Like, I don't know ... about Japanese people."
Henry: "I'm not Japanese, I'm Filipino."

Madison still has a lot to learn, poor dear.