Credit: ABC Family

What do you get when you cross a vegetarian virgin with a late-night bus ride? Hilarious quotes, WTF moments and jaw-dropping musings on life and love!

Check out the top five snarks from Episode 19 — we suggest you read this over a nice place of breakfast sausage.

1. Ricky eye-rolls at Amy: "Don't we have an agreement about not talking in bed?"

 Most girls are rendered speechless by the sight of Ricky's abs.

2. George comes to a realization: "I know there are 'lady doctors.'"

Otherwise known as "doctors."

3. Kathleen worries about Jacob: "I don’t want you and Tom riding around all over the city on a bus on a Friday night."

Friday night bus riding? The horror!

4. Ben can't believe Dylan wants to visit the butcher shop: "You’re a vegetarian, you want to go to some place where there are dead cows?"

She needs to pay her respects to the The Sausage King just like the rest of us.

5. Ben has a flashback: "I forgot that we did that. I forgot that Amy and I got married."

He is so the Ross of this friend group.