Credit: Frazer Harrison/Staff Photo: Daren Kagasoff at the Final Destination 5 Premiere

Bust out your party hats because it’s September 16, the most important day of the year — otherwise known as Daren Kagasoff’s birthday!

The world would be a dark place indeed if Daren and his hair coif weren’t trolling the halls of Grant High, so in celebration of his b-day we’ve rounded up five things we love about him. Check it out!

1. His acting chops: Remember when Daren made his crying face last season? It was hilarious beautiful! The moment tears rolled down that studly jaw-line we were goners. He’s an emo genius!

2. His six-pack: Unfortch, we hardly ever see Daren’s six pack anymore (thanks for nothing, Secret Life writers), but the few times it was ab-flashed this season we practically fell out of our seats. Swoooon!

3. His devastating good looks: James Dean wishes he could be as hot as Daren Kagasoff. This boy makes our hearts go pitter patter non-stop, and don’t even get us started on when he flashes that cheek dimple!

4. His hair coif! Daren’s amazing hair is clearly where he keeps his super-powers. Remember when Amy got the pleasure of washing it? Sigh.

5. His laid-back attitude! Some celebs get so caught up in stardom that they lose sight of what’s important, but not Daren. He seems down-to-earth and sweet-as-pie every time he’s interviewed, which makes him all the more lovable!

Happy b-day from Wetpaint Entertainment, Daren — tweet us some pics of your big day!