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There's only one week left until Secret Life of the American Teenager spreads its confuzzled wings and flies off into the great unknown. Who knows how we're going to get through the hiatus without Leo's wise musings or Ben's word vom, but these quotes will help ease the blow. Check out the best doozies from Season 5, Episode 10!

10. Dylan's friend real talks: "Hookers are dangerous. Drugs, arson, hookers, and pimps."

Thanks for the life lesson, girl!

9. Ethan chats up Kathy: "Remember, I was attracted to you from the back."

Swoon, how romantic!

8. George re-imagines his life: "I love Amy and Ashley and Robbie, but when it comes down to it, I wish I just picked up my socks."

This works on so many levels.

7. Leo gives Kathy advice: "A rose is a rose is a rose."

We love nothing more than when Leo breaks into spontaneous bouts of poetry.  

6. Kathy worries about her relationship: "I'm afraid you'd only fall in love with me because I'm pregnant."

Oh lord, does Ethan have some kind of fetish we don't know about?

5. Ben celebrates good times: "We didn’t have any wedding cake on hand, but I have a frozen sausage pizza."

Of course you do.  

4. Ethan preps Kathy for labor: "Just wait until the baby breaks out of you and leaves your insides destroyed."

Who needs lamaze class when Ethan's around?

3. George makes an announcement:"There's a big lesbian AA meeting over at my house."

Like most children, George should be seen and not heard.

2. Random alcoholic greets Anne: "You know the directions over here were totally ass."

Charming per usual, Secret Life writers.

1. Clementine flirts with Ricky: "You remember, I stole a lock of your hair while you were sleeping."

How adorable and not at all creepy!

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