Credit: ABC Family

Has anyone noticed that Secret Life's reigning sweetheart has been kind of on edge lately? Or, as Ricky put it — totally on her period.

At first we thought Amy was moody due to preggo teen hormones, but what's her excuse now that there isn't a bun in her oven?

Poor Ricky can barely get a word in without Amy snapping at him in a crazy rage, and at this point Adrian "Churro Lover" Lee is starting to look normal by comparison. We know Amy's worried about getting married at the tender age of 18, but she practically forced Ricky to put a ring on it. What's she complaining about?

We think Amy is being a little harsh with her knight is sausagey armor, but maybe it's time this bad boy got a taste of his own medicine. After all, he's spent the last couple years being a first-class jerk!