Credit: ABC Family

There's trouble in Secret Life of the American Teenager paradise, ladies. Grant High's three stooges (aka Amy, Lauren and Madison) are in a huge catfight, and it's all because Madison slept with Lauren's cockatoo-loving boyfriend, Jesse.

So, why is Amy involved, you ask? Exactly. We get that Amy wants to support Lauren and is rightfully peeved at Madison for treating their friend so badly, but her hatred toward Mad-Dog is bordering on crazy. After all, it's not like Madison slept with Ricky (she wishes)! 

It seems slightly out of character for Amy to be so invested in a catfight that doesn't involve her, and we were shocked by the way she rejected Madison after she begged for forgiveness. Love thy enemies, girl!

Is Amy being too harsh with her bestie, or does Madison deserve the icy cold shoulder?