Credit: ABC Family

Everyone knows how much Secret Life of the American Teenager loves itself a pregnancy, and we were epically disappointed when Amy got her period a few episodes ago. But can we really trust this underaged mom and her mischievious side bangs?

Amy's being super hormonal (read: bitchy), and there's no logical explanation for her crazy mood swings. Well, except for teen pregnancy round two!

Think about it –– Ricky's sperm is enhanced by the power of an all-meat diet. There's no way that he hasn't knocked Amy up by now! We know for a fact that these two are sexing up a storm, and it's definitly possible that his soldiers fought their way through a condom.

We think Amy's either lying about being pregnant, or was experiencing "spotting" (common during early pregnancy) instead of her period. Well, Secret Lifers? Is she or isn't she?