Credit: ABC Family

You guys, we're seriously worried about the fate of Grant High's hunkiest God-fearing football player. Jack Pappas was beaten to a pulp by a bloodthirsty pimp, and now he's lying unconscious in the same hospital where Mercy Boykewich lost her life. If that's not a bad omen, we don't know what is!

In Secret Life's Season 5 summer finale, the entire crew converged upon the hospital waiting room to receive the verdict on Jack's post-surgery condition. Unfortunately, the episode ended with a big ol' cliffhanger, and we probably won't learn Jack's fate until the show returns this spring.

Things didn't look so good when the episode cut to credits — Jack's mom and dad were bawling their eyes out as Ricky, Amy, and company looked on in horror — but we're going to stay optimistic. It's what Grace would want.

What do you guys think? Is Jack on his way to meet the big man upstairs, or will there be a Secret Life miracle this Christmas?