You Asked, We Answered!

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Staff Photo: Molly Looks Graceful in Purple at the Oscars

Let’s get real: Every movie would be about 1,000 percent more awesome if Molly Ringwald and her crazy bangs starred in it — and that includes teenage vampire flicks! Can’t you just see Molly and Edward Cullen look all angsty and glittery together as they murder deer and hang out around Italy?

Sigh, if only. Some wishful thinkers have been wondering if Molly starred in the Twilight flicks in between Secret Life seasons, and, to put it simply: hell to the no.

Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not alone in thinking Molly would look good in a pair of fangs! MTV thinks Molls would make the perfect Alice … if Twilight were made in the '80s.

Source: MTV