Credit: ABC Family

Have you heard the rumors? Word on the Secret Life street is that Amy Juergens is gayer than the day is long.

You see, apparently the Grant High Gang don't understand that homosexuality isn't passed down generation to generation, and they think Amy loves the ladies because her mom is a lesbian. Sigh, teenagers.

 As far as we know, Amy's addicted to studs like Ricky and Ben are addicted to sausage. She's never without a boyfriend, and let's not forget that one time she practically begged Ricky to let her gateway sex him. So, is Amy gay? We think not, but we definitely wouldn't care if she was!

Then again, every single person in this gal's life (including her sister!) is convinced that she's a secret lesbian, and knowing Secret Life of the American Teenager, it's entirely possible that Amy will decide she's ready for lady love. More power to her!