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It's official: The Secret Life of the American Teenager is on hiatus. There aren't enough sad face emoticons to convey our grief, especially since we have no idea whether or not Jack is dead. Luckily, we have some sage words of wisdom from our favorite Secret Lifers to get us through the rough times. Check out the 10 best quotes from the epic Season 5 summer finale, and try not to sob all over your computer screen while doing so.

10. Amy flirts with her fake hubby: "I want to kiss you."
Ricky: "Maybe after dinner."

Nothing puts Ricky in the mood for lovin’ like a pile of meat sauce.

9. Ricky calls George's cell phone, gets the machine: "Yo, it's me, babes. Leave something sexy and I'll call you back!"

Consider us horrified.

8. Ben confronts Amy: "Last night, I was playing around on the Internet, couldn’t sleep, and did you know that marriage is public record?"

Yeah, Ben. We all know what "playing around on the internet" means.

7. George dishes some words of wisdom: "Hey, everyone needs a friend."

Someone's been watching
Toy Story again...

6. Leo's adopted hooker real talks: "I just want you to know, I love meat! Everything from spam to filet mignon."

Thank god, because otherwise she'd be back on the streets.

5. Ethan gets in touch with his inner pregnant lady: "I've watched too many births on the Internet since I met you. It's desensitized me."

Nothing like hitting the interwebs for some good ol' fashioned birthing vids.

4. Amy puts it on the line: "I love you."
Ricky: "We’ll see."

Most studly response ever. The Fonz would be proud.

3. Bunny gives Ricky the 411: "Something hooker-related going on at the school."

What else is new?

2. Grace gets deep: "You just never know when the last time you talk to someone is going to be the last time you talk to someone."

Beautiful, Grace. We will so ponder that all day.

1. Tom plots his revenge on the pimp: "They’re going to find him — and KILL HIM!"

Umm, Tom, don't you know what show you're on? This is not Pretty Little Liars.

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