Credit: Jason Merritt/Staff Photo: Megan Park at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Megan Park might rock a peppy cheer-outfit on Secret Life of the American Teenager, but this girl has never so much as twirled a pom-pom off-screen! So, did that stop her from landing a photo shoot and interview with American Cheerleader Magazine? No way!

“We never had a cheerleading squad in my school,” Megan admits, “But I had some friends who did cheerleading outside of school and they were amazing. It’s such an athletic sport and it’s so amazing to watch. I always wished that I had done it, but because there was never a team at school, [so] I didn’t do it.”

Megs might look great with a pair on pom-poms, but this girl didn’t always have her sights set on playing Cookie.

“I actually tried out for Amy first,” she says. “But when I read the script I felt more like Grace. Everyone else thought I’d be better as Grace, too. The people I read for told me my audition was great, but asked if I could come in the next day and read for Grace. So I went back in and it just fit perfectly.”

Thank goodness — we couldn’t image anyone playing the part more perfectly!

Source: Just Jared Jr.