Credit: Daniel Tanner/WENN

The Twitterverse just got a lot cooler!

Secret Life of the American Teenager's hottest mom, Molly Ringwald, recently joined Twitter. 

"I think it's time to get over my 'twitter-fright' and join the party, albeit rather fashionably late," she wrote in her first tweet last week.

She's already amassed over 6,000 followers, and is already revealing tons of personal info about her. Like her favorite movie soundtracks (Pretty in Pink, natch, as well as West Side Story, Rushmore, and Lost in Translation), and the fact that she does science experiments with her kids on Saturdays!

But now that Molly is fast becoming a Twitter star, her daughter has a piece of advice for her: "Just told 8 yr old that I have 6k followers on Twitter. 'Try not to say anything stupid Mom.'"