Credit: ABC Family Photo: Amy & Rick: Fashion Hit

We were thrilled when Ricky told Amy that he loved her a few weeks ago, but apparently she ain’t so special after all — Ricky throws around the L-word like it’s NBD! “I love you” and “I want to bone you” mean the same thing to this stud, and now Amy’s left questioning his true feelings.

Did Monday night’s Secret Life of the American Teenager make you wonder if your man really means it when he drops the L-bomb? Take our quiz and find out!

1. How many other girls has your boyfriend said “I love you” to?

a. 1
b. 5
c. zero

2. Does he check out other ladies?

a. Only if they’re mega babes.
b. All the time!
c. He only has eyes for me.

3. Does he talk about your future?

a. Sometimes...
b. Never.
c. All the time!

4. Does he get jealous?

a. Eh, a little bit.
b. Never.
c. Oh yeah — big time.

5. Does he pressure you to get physical?

a. He says he’s OK with waiting.
b. Yes, but not too much.
c. No, he wants to wait until I’m ready!

6. Does he want you to meet his renties?

a. At some point.
b. He doesn’t see why I’d even want to!
c. Yes, we’ve already met!

7. Does he call and text you?

a. Occasionally, but mostly we just hang out at school.
b. No, I always call him.
c. My phone won’t stop buzzing!

8. How often does he say “I love you"?

a. When we’re alone and the moment is special.
b. He’s only said it once or twice.
c. All the time — he won’t shut up about it!

9. Does he do nice things for you?

a. If it’s a special occasion, like my birthday.
b. Please, I had to remind him about Valentine’s Day.
c. He’s always surprising me with flowers and chocolates!

10. Is he affectionate with you in front of his friends?

a. We hold hands.
b. No, he says he’s too embarrassed.
c. Yes, he can’t keep his mitts off of me!

If you answered mostly As and Cs: You man definitely loves you. He might be a little shy, but don’t doubt his feelings!

If you answered mostly Bs: Uh oh, you might have a Ricky on your hands. You should probably sit down with you guy and talk about your relationship — it might be on the rocks!