Credit: Photo: Francia Raisa Goes Shooting

Wow, Francia Raisa is such a multi-talented starlet! She can dance, she can act, and she can even... shoot guns? Huh. Our girl France tweeted a pic of herself poppin’ some bullets at the shooting range, and man — do we feel sorry for that silhouette she’s gunning down!

So, what’s the deal with Francia’s new hobby? Was she just in the mood to practice her eagle eye, or is she working on a new set of skillz for a movie? In her exclusive interview with Wetpaint, Francia said that she definitely has some new projects in the works, but they are totes hush-hush. Hmmm... Francia as a kick-ass Tomb Raider-style assassin? Sounds amazing. Give us more deets, gurl!

Source: Plixi