Credit: ABC Family Photo: Amy & Ricky Are A Happy Couple in Episode 4.05, "Hole In The Wall"

Ahhh, Secret Life of the American Teenager. Just when we think you can’t be topped, you blow us away all over again — much like a tornado full of sexy men and sausage. Emotions run high in Season 4, Episode 5, and yes — we finally figure out why this episode’s title is “Hole In The Wall.” Let’s just say it’s not nearly as hilarious as we initially thought.

Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

There’s trouble brewing for Ricky and Amy when the Rickster wakes up in the morning to find John missing from his dog bed. We’re less worried about the baby and more concerned that Ricky sleeps on the couch. How are he and Amy gonna get down if they aren’t even in the same bed?!

Ricky wants to sleep in the living room with Amy so John can have his own space, and he also wants to get rid of all John’s toys (?!?!). Dude, your kid gave himself an ear infection the last time he was upset, and now you want to get rid of his swag? Bad call.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Amy & John Cuddle Up in Episode 4.05, "Hole In The Wall"

Meanwhile, George pays a visit to Anne’s condo to hang with baby Robbie, Anne and Grandma Mimsy (who unfortunately has Alzhiemer’s), and Amy calls up to ask for a sofa bed. Ricky’s none too happy about the thought of getting freebie gifts from Amy’s rentals, because he thinks he’ll be obligated to marry her. Uh, OK then.  

Back at the Juergens,’ Amy is sulking because Ricky’s mad about the sofa bed, and to make matters worse, she’s suspicious about a phone call Ricky got from Adrian. Ricky comes over to do some laundry, and he and Amy kiss and make up, barring that he promises to ignore Adrian’s advances. Of course, the minute he’s left alone, he whips out his cell phone to listen to a message from Adrian that he claims he deleted, wherein she basically offers him her goods.

The Sausage Street Journal

Leo hires Nora as his temporary assistant, and she wins him over by highlighting all the “meat related” articles in the Wall Street Journal and asking for the secret sausage recipe (OMG! OMG! OMG!). Of course Leo thinks she’s hitting on her (please, he wishes) and keeps his recipe a secret. Dang, so close!

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ben Gets On The Phone in Episode 4.05, "Hole In The Wall"

Meanwhile, Ben calls up Leo from school to cancel dinner and Katelyn O’Malley interrupts their convo to chat about Adrian’s plans. Ben totally shoots Katelyn down, but then she reveals that she lost her own baby to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and shortly thereafter her husband became an alcoholic and left her. Let’s just say Ben’s not exactly comforting. Poor Katelyn!

Late Afternoon Delight

Grace spends the majority of her day hanging with her new boy-toy, Daniel, who clearly thinks she’s a total ho who wants to make hella babies. As Grace sees Danny Boy out of her house, Jack walks in on them lip-locked, and seeing the sight of Grace macking on another man finally makes him realize he needs to reveal his true feelings. He tells Grace that he broke up with Madison and is still in love with her, and Grace retaliates by declaring her love for Daniel. Wow, this is shaping up to be one crazy-town love triangle.

Rolling in the Deep

Adrian’s moving forward with her life one pink velour jumpsuit at a time. She’s power-walking to Adele, showering more than once a week, and getting her hot bod back. Basically, she’s bringing sexy back. Unfortch, she’s also planning to have another baby behind Ben’s back. News flash, Adrian: You have to actually get your hubby to have sex with you in order to get pregnant. Well, unless you’re married to Ricky. We all know what he’s capable of.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Adrian Looks Put Together in Episode 4.05, "Hole In The Wall"

Adrian decides it’s time to take apart her daughter’s nursery, and as if getting rid of Mercy’s toys and unused crib isn’t hard enough, she makes the big mistake of throwing away Ben’s favorite stuffed animal bear. No, not the giant one that he made out with in season one. Now that would be tragic. Ben’s furious with Adrian for discarding a precious piece of his childhood and they get into a huge fight about their relationship, in which Ben tells Adrian that he never wanted to marry or have sex with her in the first place, and that they deserved to lose Mercy. Oh boyfriend, you so crossed the wrong girl.

Adrian is so blown away by Ben’s outburst that she ends up punching a crap ton of holes in the wall (see episode title) and we’re right there with her. But, uhm, Adrian? It’s called a stress ball.

Ben leaves Adrian to stew in their condo so he can rescue his discarded belongings from the church nursery, where he runs into Amy. He proceeds to real-talk about their past, and Amy shoots him down as gently as she can before driving away in a huff. So what happens to Benny? He downs a six-pack of brewski before showing up wasted to have dinner with his dad, where he promptly passes out with his teddy bear.

Put up your dukes, Ricky. A boozed-out Sausage Prince is about to make a play for your woman.