Credit: ABC Family Photo: Amy & Ricky Snuggle in Episode 4.06, "Don't Go In There"

You know what they say about teenage relationships — they’re dunzo faster than you can say “unplanned pregnancy.” Check out Wetpaint Entertainment’s juicy recap to find out which of our favorite Secret Life of the American Teenager couples are staying together, hanging on by a thread, and heading towards Splitsville City!

I Want You to Want Me

Ben wakes with a wicked post-break-up hangover and makes his way back to his condo so he can apologize to Adrian, only to find it completely empty! Well, aside from a crap ton of holes in the wall. Is Adrian hiding away on a bench somewhere getting drunk with a stuffed animal? Hell no! She’s getting her glam on so she can make her triumphant return to school!

Alice, Henry and Ricky disapprove of Ben breaking up with Adrian, but he doesn’t seem to feel that bad about being a first class jerk to his wifey. It looks like she’s not too upset either, considering how hardcore she’s bringing sexy back. Oh, and the fact that she seems to be in denial about their break-up. Adrian tells Ben that she refuses to let him leave her, and then plants a big ol’ kiss on his lips. OMG, she’s gone full-blown Fatal Attraction on us.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ben Looks Shocked in Episode 4.06, "Don't Go In There"

Counselor Katelyn bursts Adrian’s bubble when she tells her that she’ll have to go to summer school to get into a good college, but it doesn’t seem like edumacation is Adrian’s first priority. Frankly, we’re worried, espesh when Adrian tells counselor Katelyn that she’s come back to school “stronger and crazier.” Shudder. Don’t let Adrian serve you any drinks, Benny.

Crazy Over You

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Adrian Holds In Her Pain in Episode 4.06, "Don't Go In There"

Leo threatens to take away Ben’s trust fund, car and all his money if he doesn’t move back into his condo with Adrian and stop “smoking dope.” Ahhh, so that’s why was having that deranged conversation with his teddy bear. Leo’s not the only one worried about Ben — Amy and Adrian are concerned as well. Who wouldn’t be? Passing out next to a stuffed animal in a drunken stupor was not Benny’s shining moment.

As Ben comes out of the bathroom, a bunch of rando kids get all up in his grill and blame him for the death of his baby. Back off, mean girls! Ben might be in our bad books, but he was nothing but supportive and helpful during Adrian’s pregnancy. If only he hadn’t taken that nasty turn for the worse. Adrian stands up for her man and asks him to move back into the condo so they can live together “as friends” (aka make babies). Wow, this girl really knows how to get a man to preggo her eggo.

Later that night, Ben agrees to wait to officially break up with Adrian until the end of summer, but tells her that he’s going to sleep in the baby’s room instead of with her. Yeah, we’ll see how long he can resist Adrian’s weepy eyes and push up bra. The second Ben leaves the room, Adrian turns off the water works and cackles to herself like a crazy lady.

Love Shack!

Over at the Juergens’ Grace still hasn’t told her mom about Daniel being in college, but apparently Jack blabbed her secret to his dad, who immediately tells Kathleen over a coffee date. When Grace finds out about Jack’s “betrayal,” she flips her pretty blonde hair in rage and storms off in a huff. Later that day, Daniel shows up at Grace’s house to take her on a date, but ends up eating burgers with Kathleen while Grace waits for him in the car. Is Kathy poaching her daughter’s man?

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Kathleen Meets Daniel in Episode 4.06, "Don't Go In There"

Meanwhile, Rachel leaves her precious kiddos in Tom’s care and goes off on a business trip where she runs into Tom’s boss, Milton, at a sleazy bar and they talk about how she looks like a hooker. Romantic? Meanwhile, Tom’s ex gal pal, Tammy, is slutting it up in the office in an attempt to seduce him. Dramz all up in this joint!

Hot for Teacher

Ricky gears up for his college interview and is shocked to find out that Karlee, his ex lovah, is the admissions counselor at the community college he wants to attend. She proceeds to unbutton her blouse, show off her sexy lingerie and tell Ricky that if he wants to get into school, he’ll have to bang her.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky's Ready For His College Interview in Episode 4.06, "Don't Go In There"

After gazing at her boobs for a few min, Ricky rejects her and as a result Karlee turns down his admittance to the college. To make matters worse, Karlee tells Katelyn that Ricky tried to sleep with her during their interview. Oh no she didn’t!

We can’t wait to find out what happens between Karlee and Ricky next week on an all-new Secret Life! It’s on like donkey kong.


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