Credit: ABC Family Photo: Adrian, Grace and Grant Talk in the Halls in Episode 3.20, "Moving In and Out"

Thank goodness this girl bounced back from last week's purple pleather bomber jacket disaster. We were really worried there for a sec. This week, Grant High's hottest knocked up teen is rockin' purple again (third week in a row), but now she's got it right! We love that Adrian's expanding figure hasn't kept her from looking amazeballs. That top is the cuteness! Adorable pleats, and do we spy a little button cuffed sleeve? Loves it! Honestly, Adrian could wear a see-though mesh tank top to school and we'd still be looking at that rock on her finger.

Also, Grant: Take off that white t-shirt under your sweater and show some chest! What's the point of unbuttoning those top three buttons if they're not even showing off your fine bod?! Such a tease.



Credit: ABC Family Photo: Jack and Madison Talk at School in Episode 3.20, "Moving In and Out"

So much is wrong with Jack in this picture. Let's deconstruct his fashion fail, starting with that hair. It's like one part Army crew cut, one part Lance Bass from N'Sync. All this dude needs are some frosted tips and he'll be ready to join a boy band. Then there's the overly tight hoodie. Jack, we get it. You're totally ripped. But your girlfriend's sweater is looser than yours. Boys aren't supposed to wear too-tight clothes (unless you're name is Ricky and we're talking about a tight pair of shrink-to-fit Levis).

Look at Madison, she's all: "Jack, this sweater makes your man-boobs look bigger than my girl boobs."