Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky Looks Angry in Episode 4.09, "Flip Flop"

We love ourselves an emotional roller coaster, but Secret Life of the American Teenager is taking us on a ride full of so many highs and lows that we just might vomit up our sausage. Why can’t any of these couples just kiss, make up, get married and have babies like normal teenagers (kidding!).

Relive season 4, episode 9 “Flip Flop” in Wetpaint Entertainment’s jaw-dropping recap!

Livin’ La Vida Loca

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Adrian Goes to a Meeting in Episode 4.09, "Flip Flop"

After pulling out all the stops to get her hubby to preggo her eggo, Adrian finally gives up on her evil scheme to win Ben back and sets her eyes on a new piece of tail: Sticky Ricky Underwood.

Adrian meets with her ob-gyn, Dr. Ottavi to chat about her pregnancy options, but the Doc convinces her that a baby isn’t what she really wants in life. What she wants is Ricky to be back in her bed for good because (wait for it) she’s in love with him! Does anyone else think this girl is overdue for a therapy session? Talk about a flip-flop!

Gossip about Adrian’s procreation plans has spread around campus faster than Jack’s STI, and before you can say “birth control” Ben knows that his wife is up to her old tricks. So does The Sausage Prince sit Adrian down and tell her to stop pouncing him in his sleep? No. Instead Dr. Fields has to remind Ben that in Secret Life Land, steamy lovin’ equals a bun in the oven.

Adrian interrupts Ben’s therapy session to tell him that she needs to real talk, and when he gets home, she gives him the OK to break up with her for real ... but is it just us, or does it seem like Ben doesn’t want to go? Uh oh, someone wants his sausage stuffed!

Ben tells Adrian that he knows about her plan to get pregnant, and she’s furious when she realizes that Grace told him. She calls Cookie up to have a biffle-breakup, but it’s like, as if. Grace doesn’t need friends when she has three sexy men trying to de-pants her!

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel Photo: Henry & Alice Visit Ben's Condo in Episode 4.09, "Flip Flop"

Meanwhile, Ben chats to Henry and Alice about how bummed out he is that Adrian doesn’t love him anymore, and it looks like he’s a few packs of brewski away from crying on a park bench with his Teddy Bear. Things go from bad to worse when Ben realizes that Adrian only wants him out of the house so she can sex up Ricky against the walls of their condo. He tries to tell Adrian as gently as possible that Ricky isn’t good enough for her, and then packs up and heads home to confide in Leo and Betty. RIP, Badrian!

Oh, by the way, Leo and Betty are breaking up, too. RIP Bleo!

Promiscuous Girl

Over in Graceland (she ain’t nothing but a hound dog), Grace warns Daniel to set his sex-radar to red alert because Adrian is coming after his tighty whities with a vengance! Daniel tries to calm The Cookie Monster down, but it’s no good.

She chats to Jack, who reveals that Adrian already called both him and Grant for a few rounds of tonsil hockey! Don’t worry, they’re both crushing on Grace too hard to give into Adrian’s siren call.


Things get tense in Ramy’s love shack when Nora needs a place to crash for a few night’s so Margaret can have some sexy time with her hubby. Amy’s perfectly happy to have a sleep over with Ricky’s mom (pillow fight, anyone?), but is it really a good idea for his drunken mother to hang out in the same pad as Baby John? God knows that little kid has “future wino” written all over his onesie. He’s impressionable!

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Nora's Cleaning Up in Episode 4.09, "Flip Flop"

Meanwhile, George and Anne are fighting more than ever about their business, so she kicks George out of her condo for good. Back at the loneliest bachelor pad in the world (aka George’s house), Daddy Juergens decides it’s high time to get himself a roommate. As luck would have it, Ramy, John and Nora swing by for their sleep over, and George invites her to rent out Ashley’s garage!

The tension between Amy and Ricky reaches it’s peak when Amy finds out that Adrian’s on a mission to win her man back. After Adrian stops by The Juergens’ to flirt with Ricky, Amy checks Ricky’s phone and is devastated to find out that he listened to Adrian’s booty call messages after all.

Note to Ricky: Next time your slutty ex-girlfriend offers up an afternoon delight, hit the delete button.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Amy & Ricky Talk in the Deli in Episode 4.09, "Flip Flop"

Amy and Ricky proceed to have a huge fight about his supposed feelings for Adrian, and Ricky’s so pissed about his gal’s trust issues that he storms out of the house for “alone time.” Of course he forgets his phone and catches Amy listening to his three (count them: THREE) saved messages from Adrian. Uh oh ... is this the end of Ramy?!

Tune in to an all-new Secret Life of the American Teenager next week to find out!