As we all know, George Juergens is the president of Secret Life of the American Teenager's Lonely Hearts Club.

We can’t even count how many times Anne has broken up with him, and he spends most of his time hanging out with a dog and hitting on under-aged girls who used to date his son-in-law.

Basically, things aren’t looking good for this jolly bald man.

George and Kathleen had a few bonding moments last season (about socks, remember?), and we can’t help but wonder if she’ll cheat on her hubby with her ex-hubby!

Let’s not forget that Kathy’s current husband is living in Africa delivering babies, and he’s prioritized his career over their life together. Let’s also not forget that Kathleen is a self-described recovering sex-addict. Put two and two together.

Not gonna lie, it looks like George might get some!