Credit: Photo Illustration: Wetpaint Entertainment / ABC Family

Last time we saw Ashley Juergens on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, she was saying arrivederci to Grant High and hello to cooking school in Italy!

And although we miss our little bella, with all of drama stateside — especially with sister Amy and almost-brother-in-law Ricky — we don’t know if she’ll want to come back!

Imagine what it must be like in Italy: learning to make pasta, simmering homemade sauce, and equally saucy men? She’ll never want to walk the halls of Grant High again!

Since there are no details about Ashley, we’re guessing that the only time we’ll see her when Season 5 returns is through her handwritten letters. (You know, the ones she left for George, Anne, and Toby before she hopped a plane to Italy?)

But then again, with Jack’s recent hospital trip, Amy is mighty upset. Could her sis come back to comfort her? Or maybe return for a holiday break?

Only time will tell, Secret Lifers, but we want to know what you think! Should Ashley come back from Italy? Tell us below!