Tragedy Strikes Adrian and Ben

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ben Holds Adrian in Episode 3.26, "...Or Not To Be"

If we could sum up The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 3 finale in one word, it would be: DEVASTATED. We’re still wiping mascara stains off our cheeks. Check out Wetpaint’s dramalicious recap to get the scoop about what went down!

P.S: A box of tissues is a good idea right about now.

Love Shack!

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel Photo: Ricky & Amy Kiss in Episode 3.26, "Or Not To Be"

It’s finally time for Ricky and Amy to go on their sextacular vaycay, and boy are they excited about it! We’ve never seen Amy smile so much –– though her good mood manifests itself in some unfortunate ways ... (note to self, never partake in an awkward dance-athon with George Juergens). So why is this girl so happy? Because Ricky won’t stop gabbing about how much he loves her!  Awww, nothing can stand in this hot couple’s way ... except for the fact that Adrian and Ricky applied to the same school. Dang, so close!

Meanwhile, Grace is desperate to go out to dinner with Grant’s ex gal pal, Angie, because she “wants to be friends.” Sure, Grace. We all know you just want to size Angie up –– literally! Grace is surprised that Angie is a little on the chubby side, so she goes ahead and calls her fat. Way to make your boyfriend want to break up with you, Cookie.

Speaking of breakups, Lauren ends her relationship with Frank, but he’s just all, “eh, whatevs” and now she wants him back!  Sigh, at least Madison is happy with her man. She and Jack aren’t doing the deed, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get their mack on in style. Maddy’s dad gives her $50 as a thank-you present for not jumping Jack’s bones, so she takes her man on a hot date! Wonder if a sexy night out will lead to an even sexier night in?

On the Road

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel Photo: Ashley & Toby Look Suspicious in Episode 3.24, "It's Not Over Till It's Over"

Over at the Juergens' house, Ashley and Toby take rebellion to the next level and test out of high school! Ashley wants to get emancipated from her renties so she and Toby can drive across the country and “explore themselves.” Anything to escape getting preggers, right guys?

Ash isn’t the only Juergens getting into trouble. George wants to hook up with Kathleen, and it looks like he’s not the only one with a crush. Don’t get too excited Kathy: You obviously haven’t seen George’s sexy dance moves yet. Kathleen’s hubby, Jeff, gives her reason enough to end their marriage when he announces that he wants to move back to Africa!

Kathleen has even more to worry about when Tom announces that he wants to get married to a random lady named Rachel! So where did Tom meet his future bride? The bus, duh. It’s only the best place to pick up babes ever! Oh, by the way: Rachel has two kids and she’s probs only after Tom for his money (apparently he’s filthy rich!).

Cry Me a River

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Adrian's Parents Comfort Her in Episode 3.26,

Adrian and Ben head to the hospital to pop out a sausage baby and shiz gets way too real.

Adrian has an odd feeling in her tummy, and even though she’s all smiles, we can see the worry on Ben’s face. Yep, before we know it the unthinkable happens: They lose their baby. From what we can gather, the baby is stillborn, but it’s a bit hard to make out the deets while you’re crying into a pillow.

The Secret Life gang react to Badrian’s unexpected tragedy as you would think: with shock and sadness. They head to the hospital thinking that they’re about to meet Badrian’s little girl, and are devastated to find a grief-stricken Ben. Just when you think the scene can’t get any sadder, “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan starts playing (BTW, this is the song that Francia Raisa listened to so she could emotionally prepare for this episode). Ben reveals to Leo that he and Adrian were allowed to hold their little girl and he breaks down sobbing. At this point, we’re hyperventilating into a paper bag.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Amy & Ricky Comfort Each Other After Adrian's Loss in Episode 3.26, "...Or Not To Be"

So what makes a weeping Secret Life fan cry even harder? Watching her stud-crush shed a tear. Don’t worry, Ricky feels much better when an emotional Amy deals with Badrian’s tragedy by sexing the coif out of his hair. Wow, Secret Life ... way to end the episode with a big fat WTF.

Thank god Secret Life is all-new next week, because we don’t know what we’d do if we had to wait all summer to find out what happens between Ricky + Amy and Ben + Adrian! How will they deal with this unexpected tragedy, and more importantly will these two power couples stay together?!