Credit: ABC Family

We need more Secret Life of the American Teenager, and we need it now! If Monday night's new episode "To Begin With" seems light years away, check out a sneak peak at the drama-rama with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup!

1. Spoilery Photos From Episode 25

The drama continues on the season 5 premiere. Amy and Ricky leave town to elope, but will they actually go through with saying "I do"? Check out 9 sneak peek photos from "To Begin With ..."

2. Adrian Finally Graduates

Summer school is over, which means Adrian is now technically a high school graduate. But when counselor Katelynn hands her a diploma, Adrian can't quite believe it. Check out the clip here!

3. Grace Ends a Relationship

Best friends forever? Not quite. After their steamy kiss, Grace decides to initiate a friend breakup with a disbelieving Adrian. Check out the clip here!

4. Anne Is Lonely

Anne Juergens just came out to her family, and she's feeling vulnerable and a little lonely. So when she can't get any of her family members on the phone, she calls up George for a heart-to-heart. Check out the clip here!

5. Do Amy And Ricky Get Married?

On last week's season finale, Amy finally decided on a wedding date: right this minute! So can fans of  Amy Juergens and Ricky Underwood count on a romantic elopement in next week's season 5 premiere? "You will definitely get an answer," Daren Kagasoff tells Zap2It. Read more here!