Credit: ABC Family

We need more Secret Life of the American Teenager, and we need it now! If Monday night's new episode seems light years away, check out a sneak peak at this season’s drama-rama with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup!

1. Check Out Spoiler-y Photos From Season 4, Episode 17!

In the mood for a sneak peek? Take a look at 12 new photos from Secret Life Season 4, Episode 17: "Suddenly This Summer."

2. Lauren Chats With Amy About Her Wedding!

Amy's struggling with the decision to marry Ricky, so she turns to her good friend Lauren. But Lauren has some resentment of her own to deal with … Check out the sneak peek!

3. Ricky And Amy Fight — Again!

Ricky tries to calm Amy down, and asks if she's on her period! Nora offers Ricky some advice on handling Amy's mood swings. Check out the sneak peek!

4. Amy's Parents Don't Trust Ricky and Nora With Robbie

Amy's parents don't want to leave Robbie and John with Ricky and his mother Nora, the ex-con. Uh oh, could there be trouble in paradise? Check out the sneak peek to find out!

5. Watch the Official Promo for Episode 17 … Is Amy Pregnant?!

In its "most gripping hour yet," Amy continues to struggle with pressure to get married, but that may be the least of her worries. Amy confesses to Ricky that she's late! Check out the promo, and prepare to jaw-drop!