Credit: ABC Family

We need more Secret Life of the American Teenager, and we need it now! If Monday night's Season 5 premiere seems light years away, check out a sneak peak at the drama-rama with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup!

1. Brand New Promo For Episode 2

On the next episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager ... Ricky and Amy's elopement causes ripple effects among their friends. Will their days-old marriage withstand all the gossip and scrutiny? Check out the promo here!

2. Spoilery Photos From Episode 2

Check out nine juicy photos from the next new episode of Secret Life! In Season Season 5, Episode 2: "Shotgun," Amy and Ricky return home a married couple, Leo becomes increasingly suspicious of Ben's involvement in the fire, Grace continues to shun Adrian, and Anne finds out about Ashley and Toby.

3. Dylan Finds Out Who Else Knows About the School Fire!

Rumors spread like wildfire in Grant High! So who else knows about Dylan and Ben's secret? Adrian? Grace? Jack? Watch the clip to find out!

4. Adrian Turns to Ben After Her "Breakup" With Grace

Adrian needs a friendly shoulder to cry on after her friend "breakup" with Grace, so she heads over to Ben's house for comfort. But is that such a good idea? Watch the clip here!

5. Toby and Ashley Struggle to Keep Their Sex a Secret

Will Toby's mom find out that he and Ashley took their relationship to the next level? Watch the clip here to find out more!