Things are heating up next week on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and you’d better be sure to keep up with the latest spoilers.

Here’s what you need to know for next Monday’s episode, “Past History.”

1. Brand New Promo For Episode 5

Things aren’t looking good for Amy and Ricky when a “new temptation” walks back into Ricky’s life. We hope the couple can survive this tough time.

2. Spoilery Photos From Episode 5

Ricky’s old friend is extremely pretty, and judging by her smiles, she still has feelings for Amy’s man.

3. Ethan Tries to Talk to Kathy

Ethan tests his own shy personality when he walks up to talk to Kathy, but he somehow manages to insult her in the middle of complimenting her. Will he ever learn?

4. Dylan’s Friends Warn Ben to Stay Away

There are some new mean girls in town and they are set on keeping Ben away from Dylan. Will it work?

5. Adrian and Jack Catch a Glimpse of Ricky’s Mystery Lady

Ricky seems eager to get away from the coffee shop, and Adrian and Jack realize why when a pretty blonde comes out with his cell. Ricky reveals that she was in foster care with him and though he claims she’s “like a sister,” we’re not buying it.