Credit: ABC Family

We need more Secret Life of the American Teenager, and we need it now! If Monday night's new episode "Strange Familiar" seems light years away, check out a sneak peak at the drama-rama with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup!

1. Brand New Promo For Episode 20

On the next episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager ... Ben and Adrian's divorce is finally official, but Amy and Ricky's wedding is still on ice. As Ben points out to Ricky, "it'd be pretty embarrassing if she called it off." Check out the promo here!

2. Spoilery Photos From Episode 20

Amy and Ricky continue to work on their relationship, while Kathleen hopes a bribe will entice Grace to talk with Jacob. And Ben's ex-wife and new girl collide! Check out these spoilery pics from the next new episode of Secret Life.

3. Who Has A Lesbian Love Affair?

Tis the season for new hookups, and according to TV Line, we can expect at least one shocking new relationship on Secret Life of the American Teenager soon. Hot mama Anne Juergens is single and ready to mingle ... with another lady! Read on for more!

4. Kathleen Gives Grace An Ultimatum

Grace has been avoiding her new half-brother, Jacob, but Kathleen issues an ultimatum: talk to him or move home. Check out the clip here!

5. Amy Gets A Late Night Call

Amy gets a late night from her dad, but after learning he need her to watch Robbie while he helps Kathleen, she decides to let him figure it out on his own. Check out the clip here!

6. Adrian Confronts Ben

Ben is on cloud nine over his late night hookup with Dylan, when in walks in his ex, Adrian, who has some news for him about their divorce. Check out the clip here!