Credit: ABC Family

We need more Secret Life of the American Teenager and we need it now! If Monday night's new episode seems light years away, check out a sneak peak at this season’s drama-rama with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup!

1. Someone Has a Shocking Secret!

It isn't called Secret Life of the American Teenager for nothing! Secrets abound on the dramalicious ABC Family show, and another one comes out in Season 4, Episode 16, "They Gotta Eat." Click here to find out more!

2. Sneak Peek Photos Of "They Gotta Eat"

On a brand-new episode of Secret Life, Ricky and Amy continue to deal with their engagement issues, while Lauren and Madison's parents try to work out a truce between the girls. Meanwhile, Ben and Dylan are still seeing each other, despite Leo's disapproval. Check out these spoiler-y photos for an inside look!

3. What Secrets Are Revealed in the New Promo?

Can't wait for Monday's all-new episode? Check out the promo for episode 4.16 "They Gotta Eat!"

4. Can Amy Stand Ricky's Parents?

Sigh, parents! Can't live with them ... wouldn't exist without 'em. So when Ricky asks Amy if she wants to have dinner with his parents, she lets him know she's not really feelin' it. Check out this sneak peek clip!

5. Grace Feels Guilty About Lying

When a letter from school arrives, Grace freaks out that her mom might find out she got kicked out of med camp and is living with Adrian. Check out the sneak peek clip!

6. Madison Begs Amy To Forgive Her

Poor, sad, lonely Madison. After sleeping with Lauren's boyfriend, neither Lauren nor Amy want anything to do with her. And when Madison begs for forgiveness, Amy has some harsh words for her. Check out the sneak peek clip!