Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Photo: Renee Olstead Slims Down

Secret Life actress Renee Olstead has taken to her Twitter feed in support of the controversial animal rights organization, PETA.

Olstead’s Twitter follower (and fellow actress), Daniella Monet, tweeted the Secret Life star a video decrying the cruelty of animal dissection in schools. Monet had appeared in the video as part of her work with PETAKids, the kid-friendly wing of the militant organization. Olstead praised the video, tweeting “Go veg!”

Olstead is a vegetarian, and Monet has been a Vegan for 11 years. The Secret Life star makes numerous mention of her vegetarianism in her Twitter feed, at different times tweeting:

“@daniellamonet thanks again for my xmas present!! i have urs here too, just not wrapped. ha! good clean vegan fun tho, ull like! see u soon”

“@DaniellaMonet wanna be my veggie-date?”

“Do you got a problem if people around you eat meat? Do… — well my bf does, but he respects my choice to be veg..…” (In response to a fan question)

“@ChoMatic cant wait to see u at the PETA holiday party! miss ya lady :) p.s. miss ella say hello!”

While we’re a little scared of PETA’s militant views, we definitely admire Olstead’s use of her Twitter account to raise awareness for the causes she believes in. Fight the power, sister!

Source: Twitter, PETAKids