Throughout the past few weeks, the Secret Life of the American Teengaer cast has been hinting at someone’s life hanging in the balance. And from the looks of it, someone is heading to the hospital in tonight’s episode.

In the official(ly vague) synopsis for “Half Over," airing Monday, Aug. 27 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family, we discover that “Jack remains in the hospital.” Oh no! That means that the insanity is going down tonight, and we doubt that he got in a fight with his football.

Secret Life has tackled many types of drama and cliffhangers in its five seasons on the air, but nothing that put someone’s life on the line. Francia Raisa hinted that the upcoming violence was inspired by real-life events, so it could be a number of tragedies happening in the news.

“The creator pays attention to the news, sees what’s going on, and writes it into the script — and people relate to it,” Francia spilled, adding that, “friends defended each other when violence came about.”

Many high school-centric shows have tackled school shootings, so could Grant High be next? We hope not, but Greg Finley didn’t ease our fears by saying, “Something very physically scary happens … while trying to help out a stranger.”

What do you think, Secret Lifers? Will Jack survive the Season 5 summer finale? Weigh in below!

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