Credit: ABC Family Photo: Jack and Madison Talk at School in Episode 3.20, "Moving In and Out"

Oh, Secret Life gang. You crazy teens just love talking about the nasty —but 69 times nasty? That almost sets an all-new record for Secret Life of the American Teenager SEX-iness! And don’t think we didn’t notice that the magic sex number is 69 — those Secret Life writers have such dirty minds!

If you love nothing more that Ricky and the gang use the S-word, check out Wetpaint’s 5 favorite SEX-y quotes from “Moving In And Out!” P.S. It might be slightly NSFW — unless your boss is a Secret Life addict!

Wonder how many times the S-bomb will be dropped on Monday!

Credit: YouTube Photo: How Many Times Does the Cast of Secret Life say "Sex" in a Single Episode?