Credit: David Livingston/Stringer Photo: Shailene Woodley Arrives at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Event

Shailene Woodley is skyrocketing to stardom and it ain’t because of her stint as a teen mom on Secret Life! Shai’s new flick The Descendants has been killing it at film festivals, and there’s already buzz about her receiving a nomination at this year’s Academy Awards.

So will Shai make the transformation from starlet to super-starlet?

“I’m an artist, I’m not a celebrity or famous or a star and I never, ever ever will be,” Shai tells The Hollywood Reporter. Hmmm, we think the tabloids might beg to differ.

Shai might not like the idea of fame, but her co-star, George Clooney, is the definition of star power. So was Shai nervous about working with him?

We met at the first table read … I wasn't intimidated by working with 'George Clooney' until I saw him, and my heart started pounding, and I was like, 'Oh, that's George Clooney!' And then he came over, and gave me a giant hug, and said, 'Welcome, sweetie!' Something really warm. And from that moment on, he wasn't 'George Clooney' in my eyes; he was George Clooney from Kentucky.”

Well, he’s still “George Clooney: Sexiest Man Alive” ‘round these parts!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter