Credit: ABC Family

We've been rooting for Secret Life of the American Teenager couple Grace Bowman and Jack Pappas to get back together forever, and now they finally might be!

But is their reunion really a good idea? Sure, these two hotties are adorable and have a great history, but let's look at the facts, shall we?

1. Their hot sex proved fatal when it up and killed Grace's dad in a fiery plan crash.

2. Jack had an STI and failed to tell Grace about it, which is pretty much the worst thing ever.

3. Jack may still have said STI. We have no clue what's going on behind his jock strap lately.

4. Grace already has, like, three other boyfriends, all of whom she's "in love" with. Will she be able to give Jack her full attention?

What do you think, Secret Lifers? Should Grace and Jack make it official, or hold off on their reunion until they sort through some of these issues?