Credit: ABC Family

Honestly, we have no idea what to do with Grace and her multiple personalities. This Secret Life of the American Teenager sweetheart used to be all about chastity and G-rated hand-holding, then she morphed into a sex/cookie addict, and now she refuses to do the dirty with Jack unless he makes a life-long commitment.


Oh, and P.S., she isn't even ready to return the favor. What gives?

We applaud Grace's desire to be in a serious relationship before she and Jack jump into the sack and accidentally murder someone with the power of their loins, but need we remind you that she's a teenager? Most teens don't discuss marriage in high school, and are willing to go with the dating flow (well, most teens who aren't on Secret Life). It's like Grace has never even seen a movie!

We're thrilled that The Cookie Monster and Jack are finally getting their mack on, but do you think they should hold off on sex until they're ready to put a ring on it?